Insight from a Psychotherapist: Is it a fantasy or is it a trauma response?

A colleague of mine who completed the same trauma training as I did was messaging with me the other day. They wanted feedback on the subject of sex. …

Insight from a Psychotherapist: Parenting is hard, right? But you have to be better at it, ok?

I have some straightforward feedback for most parents I work with.

Parenting is a subject I have grown into, studied, am in the practice of becoming an expert on, but it is a…

Insight from a Psychotherapist: Savez-vous de quoi vous parlez?

In my twenties I traveled with my sister and friends around France. I didn’t speak french, neither did any of them. It was the late 90’s and we were somehow able to navigate the roads of rural France with just a…

Insight from a Psychotherapist: Suck it up

It wasn’t that long ago, psychotherapy and language deemed to be psychobabble was not in our parlance. Kids were told to ‘suck it up’ at the first sight of a quivering lip. …

Insight from a Psychotherapist: Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute.

The (latest) terrifying climate report was released from the United Nations and climate anxiety is high on the list of topics this week. My patients want to talk about it, especially the younger ones.

‘Uncertainty’ is the foundation of anticipatory anxiety

Insight from a Psychotherapist: Variations of Dissonance

Here’s a new one: What do a college educated woman, a middle-aged white man, and a massage therapist all have in common?

Cognitive Dissonance!

You thought there was a joke in there? Joke’s on them. All three are Anti-Vaxxers and they’re going to…

Insight from a Psychotherapist: Horsin’ Around

I had the perfect getaway planned: Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau with a quick ferry to Paradise Island. Five days at the Sivananda Yoga Bahamas in beach bliss. Then I got the email, followed by an apologetic voicemail, explaining that, ‘cos Covid, trip cancelled.


The masks are off! Were you even wearing one? Were you following the rules?

I was. I am a rule follower and I kept that distance, wore my mask, avoided gatherings and lost friendships and connections as a result. But, I followed those rules.

We went from a CDC infograph…

I spent the first few months of this Covid19 experience wandering around like the snowman from Frozen, lamenting all the warm hugs and fuzzy memories I yearned for, yet were just out of reach. Spending time with my family, although not abstained from completely (we managed time together in outdoor…

Thank you @thrivecounselingandwellness for the great infograph.

It’s not great news when a country is bombed by another, whatever the provocation or result. There were outraged headlines coming out of all orifices this week at the news that the US had bombed Syria.

As someone who does not wake up to a Security Briefing, I’m not going…

Natasha Watkinson, LMHC

Psychotherapist and fallible human.

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